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The use of notebooks is increasing and is becoming easier with the introduction of new features. You can use Kaggle notebooks to run code which contains your input data and produce the output you want. Notebooks can be shared and reused. You can find the use of notebooks in production systems by Kaggle and some companies who are using Kaggle notebooks in production. The use of notebooks for work is becoming more common as the use of notebooks increases and is made easier. This series will be about running machine learning code with Kaggle notebooks. We are going to look at how to run machine learning code with Kaggle notebooks. We will look at how to read and write the data for your model. We will look at how to debug and troubleshoot Kaggle notebook code. We will look at how to use and reuse Kaggle notebooks. You will learn what Kaggle notebooks are and how to use them with data and machine learning code. At the end of this series you will be able to: Work with the code in notebooks Understand how to read and write the data Understand how to debug and troubleshoot machine learning code in Kaggle notebooks Use Kaggle notebooks to work on your projects Use Kaggle notebooks for work Learn how to reuse Kaggle notebooks Machine learning notebooks Machine learning notebooks are developed for computer programming, but are not the same as a computer programming notebook. Kaggle notebooks contain all the code and data needed to run your machine learning code. If you are going to use Kaggle notebooks, you will need to have data in Kaggle tables, so you can run your model and see the results. You might need to have other data, such as data sets or tables from other websites. Once you run your model with Kaggle notebooks you can publish the result and share it with others. The work of running machine learning code in notebooks and sharing it is called data analysis. For more information about data analysis see the Kaggle Data Science blog. Kaggle Notebooks Kaggle notebooks are developed for programming, data analysis and sharing machine learning code. Kaggle notebooks are developed for Python, R, Julia and Cython. In this section we will look at some of the features of Kaggle notebooks. You can use



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