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Chota Bheem Aur Ganesh In The Amazing Odyssey Full Movie Free Downloadk [2022]




When the fire-spitting dragons of Dholakpur began to conquer neighboring villages, two gods found it necessary to go into the dragon's den to save Dholakpur from certain destruction! Bheem, the valiant elephant god of Dholakpur, and Lord Ganesha of the Seven Hathors, found themselves in the lair of fire-spitting dragons. As they looked down on the fearsome creatures, they saw that it was Ganesha's mouse companion they were facing. "Ganesha, Ganesha, Ganesha, save us from the vile dragon! My companion is trapped down there!" cried Bheem. The fire-spitting dragons began to gnash their heads. Determined to protect Dholakpur, the two gods armed themselves and went into the den. As Bheem and Ganesha fought the fire-spitting dragons, Ganesha's mouse companion was saved. The two gods were able to defeat the dragons, but then they began to feel sick. It turned out the presence of the fire-spitting dragons had caused them to burn their bellies. For days the two spent in the den of the dragons, waiting for the sickness to pass. Bheem took to his elephant form and Ganesha became a dwarf in the form of Lord Ganesha. But their quest was not yet over. Bheem, lord of Dholakpur, bowed down before Lord Ganesha, saying, "Lord Ganesha, I beg you to be our savior. I beg you to destroy the evil fire-spitting dragons." Lord Ganesha said, "With great respect I shall destroy the fire-spitting dragons." From within the dragon den there came a scream. Ganesha laughed and then the two gods saw a giant snake strangling the mouse. Lord Ganesha and Bheem went down on their knees, begging the snake to release the mouse. At that moment, the villagers of Dholakpur were running to the hillside to watch the spectacle. The giant snake released the mouse, but to the surprise of all, a second giant snake came forth from the mouth of the first. And on came three, and four. And by the time the gods saw this, there were twenty fire-spitting dragons rearing up and hissing furiously. In a moment, the dragons were attacking the villagers of Dholakpur




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Chota Bheem Aur Ganesh In The Amazing Odyssey Full Movie Free Downloadk [2022]

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